Stand polisher for small parts

Universal stand polisher

Solution for polishing every coated small parts


Polishing every coated small parts like mirror flaps, mouldings, covers, antenna supports, door handle and much more.


•    Easy handling
•    Perfect guiding with two hands even for small parts
•    Every common polishing pads and plates can be used
•    special polishing disks necessary
•    Standard sanding and polishing pastes can be used
•    Finish-friendly speed
•    Low temperature development
•    Low use of polishing materials

Upon request, the polishing stand can be adapted to your individual requirements with the following accessories:

• Footswitch
• Splash protection
• Separate emergency stop switch
• Thread adapter for other plate systems
• Various plates with hard to soft edition
• Plate from 80 - 150 mm
• Polishing pads of all kinds (lambskin, felt, foam, microfibre etc.)
• sanding and polishing pastes


Our experienced technicians will be happy to advise you and will arrange the entire process from sanding to completion according to your requirements.

• Process analysis / process development
• Process cost comparison
• Process Introduction
• Staff training and training.

Technical description:

• Three-phase standard motor type JS80M 2-6
• 0.55 KW, 900U / min
• 400V Y, B3, IP55
• Terminal box system modifiable
• Mounting of polishing plates with M14 thread
• Safety ring for protection against injury.
• Polishing disc 135mm with M14 internal thread
• star-delta switch
• Power plug 5 Adrig
• Acid-resistant power cable 5 Adrig (5 meters)

We are happy to prepare an individual offer and advise you personal.

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Herr Klaus Messerschmidt
Tel.: 0049 172 80 44 999      

* Services beyond the sales consultation are billed according to technician rates.
We are happy to advise you.

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