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About ONSYSTEM technic GmbH

ONSYSTEM technic develops innovative solutions around the topic of “sanding and polishing” painted surfaces.

We as a service provider to the paint industry deal with solutions for process optimization and plant technology for control and visualization of sanding and polishing processes.

In addition to patents and utility models for technical solutions for the standardization of sanding and polishing processes, we have many years of experience in the development and implementation of modern products and processes. Target our professional advice and our service for process and employee training is to implement these experiences for the benefit of our customers.

In addition to the automotive industry, our clientele also include suppliers for painted attachments as well as all other industrial coating industries.

ONSYSTEM technic GmbH develops, manufactures and sells high-quality sanding and polishing systems for all surfaces for 20 years. The portfolio includes abrasives, polishes, polishing pads, machines and plant technology for process control as well as metrology. Renowned car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide rely on our expertise in the development of innovative products and processes for the perfect and efficient treatment of surfaces. Our products (polishes, abrasive, polish coat, polishing foam,…) and solution (polishing systems, polishing machines, sanding machines,…) are also used in plastics and carbon technology, woodworking, in the production of (musical) instruments, yacht construction, for hifi products and in all other areas in which perfect surfaces are used to set standards.

Contact our competent ONSYSTEM-technic-Team for all issues relating to the topics:

-    polishes, polishing systems
-    polishing pads
-    abrasive
-    film abrasives
-    polishing, polish synthetic materials , polish UV coating, polish polyester paint
-    industrial polishing systems
-    KOVAX
-    polish coat
-    polishing foam
-    lambskin polishing pads
-    polishing machines
-    sanding machines, sand high gloss, sand UV coating

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