Project managment

Project: Optimize polishing and sanding processes

Our experts for polishing and sanding processes serve you in every project phases like analysis, development and conversion. If required we take executive responsibility in your finish-department and in process engineering, such as in cases of restructuring, succession situations and to support your resources during the changeover.

We over see your polishing and sanding processes
Of course we also supervise you after nationwide implementation of polishing and sanding processes. Regular visits includes to our range of service in the area of polishing and sanding processes.  Our range of service of polishing and sanding processes includes regular visits by application engineers, who then make the necessary agreement on details and adjustments to the sanding and polishing process, as well as support the polishing and abrasive materials used. The constant initiative within the scope of the internal CIP measures is as much part of it as the constant information of our customers about new developments in the range of polishing and abrasives, the polishing and sanding machines and of course also in accessories such as sanding and polishing pads.

Administrative project wrap-up
We organize for you annual arrangement / call orders / minimum logistic and “Just in Time” solutions.
So your sanding and polishing agents are always available "Just in Time" in the right place in sufficient quantity.

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