Today, there are a variety of polishes, polishing and sanding systems, film abrasives, industrial polishing systems, polishing and sanding pads, polishing sponges and much more. It's hard to keep the overview and always use the cheapest and most efficient sanding and polishing products.

We offer you a special employee training for your sanding and polishing processes for industry and trade

Coordinated with existing or newly implemented processes of your sanding and polishing applications, including sanding carbon, polishing UV coating, sanding UV coating, polyester varnish or plastic polish, etc., we always offer our customers the appropriate seminars, trainings or workshops, primarily as in-house measures for the respective problem and target group.

Training in polishing and sanding processes means for us:

•    Tailor-made in-house qualification measures with complete documentation in the context of existing QM systems.
•    You receive tailor-made expertise and specialized knowledge, tailored to the previous knowledge of your employees and training materials according to your specific process and      QA requirements.
•    Trainers who have many years of practical experience.
•    Process and procedure documentation.
•    Impart knowledge, point out and visualize reasons and connections.
•    Offer possible solutions and strategies.
•    Educate capacity, try in the concrete praxis, receive feedback.
•    witness changes positively, professional, goal and result-oriented
•    We ensure quality and professionalism for every of your polishing and sanding processes!

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